Rotating PrimaryPart CFrame problem

When rotating PrimaryPart 180° then placed items appear still in one way so i need to move CFrame in this script but to where?

function LoadItems(PlayerName.HouseModel)
	if game.ReplicatedStorage.PlayerStats:FindFirstChild(PlayerName) then
		local All = game.ReplicatedStorage.PlayerStats:FindFirstChild(PlayerName).PlacedItems:GetChildren()
		for A = 1,#All do
			local NewItem = game.ReplicatedStorage.HouseStats.Items:FindFirstChild(All[A].Name):Clone()
			NewItem:SetPrimaryPartCFrame((HouseModel.Main.CFrame+All[A].Location.Value)*CFrame.Angles(math.rad(All[A].Angle.Value.X),math.rad(All[A].Angle.Value.Y),math.rad(All[A].Angle.Value.Z))) -- NEEDS CHANGING HERE
			NewItem.Stats.ID.Value = All[A].ID.Value

not 100% sure but i think you cant use CFrame for turning parts.

CFrames consist of a position, and a rotation and some other components.

OH my bad. i had a blackout, i just woke up like 10 minutes ago.

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When rotating primarypart before entering a game, PlacedItems appear still in the original way. So how do I edit this script to find the new inverted location of the PrimaryPart?

Problem is line 6 _____________/