Rothai Wokbar | Public Handbook


:ramen: Rothai Wokbar is an upcoming wokbar which aspires to modernise the wokbar establishment. Rothai Wokbar prospers to offer staff and consumers a sufficient experience. Despite our endeavours our staff team are engaged in contributing professionalism and operating to their transcendent qualification and potential.

:bento: This handbook will incorporate essential information to confidently respond to your questions or concerns about Rothai Wokbar. If you still have any inquiries or concerns, don’t hesitate to refer to our exceptional staff team.

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Session Information

Here at Rothai Wokbar, our Assistant Managers+ host daily sessions for the community and we always try our best to host sessions for our guests to attend. Everyday, we try our best to host sessions, whether it’s trainings, we always do our best to host sessions. Trainings is specifically for Junior Wok Chefs-Wok Chefs, Senior Wok Chefs cannot attend sessions, instead they must get promoted through recommendations, applications. Trainings is to prepare you for the next rank. You will be trained on how to work here at Rothai Wokbar, learning the recipes, get tested on different sections, and how you’ll deal with disruptive customers. Trainings is an important segment in this group to lead to the success for our guests. If you’re a Wok Chef, it’s assuredly important for you. This is because you’re training for Senior Wok Chef, which is essential for you to work to become a Middle Rank. More information regarding how to get promoted as a Senior Wok Chef is located in this handbook, make sure to read it over to know how to get promoted as a Senior Wok Chef and what you’re required to do.

Alliance Information

On behalf of the Public Affairs Department, we would most certainly recommend you reviewing our alliance requirements before you proceed to the alliance application.The alliance application and requirements document will be below.


Rothai Wokbar is exhilarated to have anyone express interest in allying with us. Alliances play an important role in the success and flourishment of Rothai Wokbar. These partnerships are a collaboration of many different companies and industries. We only expect the best of the best to become our allies, and both parties should be benefiting each other. Alliances should be earned through a great application and a wonderful group. In this section, you will be directed to our requirements for partnerships and then our application questions. Please note that it may take up to 48 hours for your application to be reviewed and for results to be sent.

  • You must have at least 20 non-botted members in your group. (Exceptions may be made based on the quality of the group.)
  • Your group must be professional and have a good reputation within ROBLOX.
  • Your group must be willing to announce any events Rothai Wokbar may be hosting.
  • Your group must be active and exhibit growth.
  • Group must have no past records of scamming, free ranking, selling ranks, etc.
  • Group must be based off of a service industry.


  1. What is your group name and how many members does it have? (Please also send your Discord Server along with the ROBLOX group links.)
  2. Why have you decided to apply for an alliance?
  3. How can you benefit Rothai Wokbarr?
  4. What makes your group unique from other groups in your industry?
  5. Name two representatives that we can contact.
  6. Do you acknowledge that we can terminate our alliance if you decide not to abide by the terms and service?

Thank you for taking interest in allying with us. Once the application is completed, message an individual in our Public Affairs Department. Again, the results will be sent to you within 48 hours. If you have any other questions, comments, or concerns regarding alliances, feel free to DM any individual in our Public Affairs Department! We wish you the best of luck!

Ban Appeals

When individuals are banned from the communication server or from the group, we always give those a chance to redeem themselves. Below are the questions to appeal your ban if you we’re server banned or banned from the game. You must do this correctly, so you must contact someone in the Staff Affairs Department if you completed the questions. We highly suggest putting this in a google document and after 48 hours, you will receive your results. Please don’t ask the status to your application as this’ll decrease your chances of passing. If you happen to fail, you must wait 3 days in order to apply again. If you were permanently banned for unknown reasons, you’re able to contact someone in the Staff Affairs Department for more information. Thank you for reading this, the questions for the ban appeal are below.

  1. Why do you think you should be unbanned?
  2. Why were you banned and who banned you?
  3. If you get unbanned, how will you recap the mistakes you have made?
  4. If you get unbanned, how will you act towards the person who banned you?
  5. Any questions or concerns?
Code of Conduct

➸ Professionalism

Professionalism is a given in any workplace setting, and Jarvio is no exception. At this establishment, we pride ourselves on staff professionalism in all of Rothai Wokbar premises. All staff members are required to display a certain degree of professionalism, as it paints a reputation on your character and Rothai Wokbar’s. What is professionalism? Well, professionalism carries through work ethic, treatment of those who surround you and developing boundaries. Expanding further, staff members must be mature in their decision making as well as their concepts. Having fun and expressing yourself is invited; however, always keep in mind that there is a level of wasting time that is not tolerated. Staff members who do not exhibit professionalism will receive consequences, depending on the severity of the situation. It is beneficial for the future and reputation of Rothai Wokbar that our staff members always display professionalism, so please keep that in mind. To conclude, professionalism is a crucial factor as a staff member at Rothai Wokbar, and it is essential for any workplace setting.

➸ Maturity

When someone joins our server, we expect people anticipating levels of maturity, staff or not, everyone must show common sense and maturity here. This goes to following our rules and not being hostile towards other people. Having behavioral issues won’t be tolerated as we expect everyone to behave properly in our server. Following the simplest rules will help you stay in our server and also make our server a drama-free environment. Showing maturity also shows good attitude as we want everyone to have a respectful attitude towards our staff and guests; subsequently, showing great attitude means showing acknowledgement and is also being mature rather than complaining.

➸ Attire

Wearing the correct attire is essential to maintain a strong reputation, and it ties in very closely with professionalism. As a staff member, you are expected to dress appropriately, and it must be clear that your outfit is not hinting at any malicious intent. This is categorised as trolling, unprofessionalism, and immaturity and will not be authorised. Before attending Rothai Wokbar’s games, consider your outfit; is it appropriate to wear? Or, can it seem like I am trolling? These are the questions you should be asking before changing your apparel. Having the proper clothing is also necessary for formal events such as staff meetings, training sessions, and ceremonies. Regular, day-to-day attire may be allowed in any informal setting, such as a stop at the juice bar, but you should dress appropriately depending on the occasion. Please regularly note that what you are wearing generates a particular light on the staff team and Rothai Wokbar. Overall, having the correct attire depending on the situation can be vital for this establishment.

➸ Consequences

Here at Rothai Wokbar, we welcome all guests. When it comes to disruptive guests, there is no guarantee of what might happen. You might find yourself in a situation where someone is disturbing you and others around you. We do NOT condone that kind of behavior, that is why we come up with these rules to prevent our staff and customers from feeling uncomfortable or disturbed. Disruptive guests will include insolent members disrupting our server or our games and bring abrupt attitudes. We suggest using these steps if you ever find yourself stuck on what to do when someone is trolling and disturbing others: 1. Simply ask them to stop what they are doing. 2. If they continue, warn them once. 3. If that doesn’t stop them, get a staff that is near you or in the discord server. There are times where it isn’t a troller, but an exploiter, which is way more reckless than a regular troller. At times like that, immediately report to a HR+, the situation will be handled from there. Make sure when you are following these steps that you remain professional and contained. Just remember everyone’s hard work is remembered and we acknowledge all of our members.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Rothai Wokbar, we love to interact with guests. When it comes to obvious or simpler questions, it may become an annoyance to some staff members. Below our staff team has come up with some of our most frequently asked questions, to ensure you get the correct information, good understanding, and it’s a personal answer from our High Rank Team.

Q: How can I be promoted to Staff Intern?

A: There is an extensive yet rewarding process if you wish to be apart of our Management Team. We always enjoy having eager and dedicated staff members in our Middle Rank team. To start, you must be a Senior Wok Chef before anything else. Progressing through, you must also be recommended for Staff Intern by a Manager+ or you can fill an application, if the Staff Affairs Department release the Staff Intern Application. Please visit our Senior Wok Chef Promotion guide for all the information.

Q: I am currently banned from the Roblox game or Discord server. What should I do?

A: To be unbanned from any of Rothai Wokbar’s premises, you must answer questions regarding bans situated in our Ban Appeals section. Please wait up to 48 hours to receive your results regarding your Roblox/Discord Ban Appeal request. Again, visit our Ban Appeals section for all of the information regarding this matter.

Q: I have safe-chat enabled, can I still be a staff member?

A: Due to our company policy, we do not permit anyone with safe-chat to be a staff member at Rothai Wokbar. We require all our staff to be over the age of 13 with safe-chat disabled. If you do, you are considered underaged and may not become a personnel member.

Q: How can I form an alliance with your company?

A: You’re able to form an alliance within 2 ways. One way is that you can contact someone in the Staff Affairs Department and they’ll give you the information or you can get it from the handbook and contact the Public Affairs Department with your answers. The process may take up to 24-72 hours, we highly suggest being patient.

Q: How can I become a Trainee?

A:You can become a Trainee by attending to the Application Centre.

Q: Why can’t I work here although I have safechat?

A:The reason why we don’t hire safechatters due to the fact it blocks out certain words, making it hard for others to understand you. You will also not be able to state orders due to the safechat system. Since this is automated, you can get this removed by emailing ROBLOX about the situation or make a new account.

Senior Wok Chef Promotion Guide

Becoming a Staff Intern at Rothai Wokbar is an extremely notable accomplishment in this establishment. It remarks on your activeness, hard work, and dedication towards Rothai Wokbar, proving you worthy of becoming a part of our Management Team. Our Staff Affiars team is always looking for capable Senior Wok Chefs that possess the qualities to benefit Rothai Wokbar’s operations. However, there are various requirements and assessments you must traverse through before our Staff Affairs Department considers you for a Management position. In this article, you will be educated on the steps to become a Staff Intern, so please be attentive. Procedures To become a part of Rothai Wokbars’s Management team, a Manager+ must recommend you for the Staff Intern position. Once supported by a Manager+, they must obtain four or more upvotes. There is another way to become a Staff Intern. The Staff Affairs Department release the Staff Intern application sometimes, you just have to fill an application and wait for your results, please don’t ask the status to your application as this’ll decrease your chances of passing.

If those employment officials have approved them, the Senior Wok Chef will go to Staff Intern, where they may officially start their Middle Rank+ journey at Rothai Wokbar. Requirements Senior Wok Chefs must obligate towards a few requirements before proceeding to any Management rank.

  • Being Active as a Senior Wok Chef for at least a week
  • Displaying an interactive and collaborative character by attaining 50+ messages in the communications server.
  • Finally, course, having a Management recommendation from a Manager+ If you have any other concerns or inquiries on this matter, please feel free to contact a Staff Affairs Department officer for more information.