Roughin' It: Wilderness Survival [DevLog] [Sandbox Survival Game]

Hey everyone, I just finished the main part of my Roblox Survival Game. You can Build a base, craft items, plant apple trees, kill players and monsters, etc. This is my second game, so I need some help choosing how to polish it! Also, I need to think of a better name. The link is [Beta] Roughin' It: Wilderness Survival - Roblox


I think I forgot to mention it, but I’m looking for feedback, so it would be awesome if you could give me some :slight_smile:
One thing in particular: Do you think I should make the camera lock above the player, the way it currently is?[poll type=regular results=always chartType=bar]

  • Lock camera above the player (the way it currently is)
  • Don’t lock camera above the player
  • Let the player choose

Ok, the game isn’t even close to being done and it needs huge improvements, the UI isn’t really the best, the map is okay, The game doesn’t have a tutorial it’s very confusing.


  • Make a Better UI (Current one isn’t really the best.)
  • Improve the Map (It’s not bad but improve it)
  • Add a Tutorial
  • Camera feels really weird (The camera is really weird, it would be better to add settings for the camera, Would be also better to change it to the normal.)
  • When mining Rocks add a UI that says how many health does the rock have.

Overall, I like the game idea I believe you can make it better easily with those suggestions.


Thank you for the feedback. I made the camera like that because it was supposed to be more of a 2D game, although I suppose I could make it 3D. That is also why the map is flat. As for mining rocks, there actually is a limit, but now that you said that I realize that it may be too high (it was 80). I will implement your feedback, and try to experiment with making it more 3D!

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Three things that it would be helpful if you clarified:

  • When you say that the camera feels weird, you are talking about the camera always being directly above the player, right?
  • Do you have any suggestions for making a better UI? (I am not very good at UI yet)
  • Do you think I should keep the system that makes the player face their mouse?

Thank You :slight_smile:

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For the first question, No the camera is a bit delayed, for the UI I can’t really give much tips as it really matters on the person, it would be good if you use photoshop (If you don’t have photoshop use photopea).

No, I don’t think so but it would be cool if you have settings for 3d & 2d mode
But, you can also add the system that makes the player face their mouse as a feature (in settings).

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  1. The UI when the player first join the game looks really bland. The background doesn’t look good and doesn’t match well with the logs.
  2. The logs themselves don’t look so great either.
  3. The text on the tutorial is weirdly spaced and not organized properly.
  4. The character and where they look when moving can be confusing real fast.
  5. Why isn’t it possible to jump in game?
  6. The speed of the spider and wolf are way too fast, player’s cant escape (problem of number 5)
  7. The inventory is not organized in sections (Ranks, Levels, Rarity, etc)

Overall, if you polish this game properly, this could be a good one! I hope I was not too harsh as this is what the common thoughts will be when more players play your game. Keep us updated!


Hello, thanks for the feedback! For #7, by inventory, do you mean the Almanac, the player’s backpack, or the array of items that the player can craft?

Thank you!

Mobs don’t die when you hit them with the axe! But so far this is epic, don’t give up on it this has giga potential. <3

All of it. It would be better if the inventory is divided in terms of the items.



My tree just disappeared.

Edit: It didn’t disappear it’s just the camera that hides the log. However, this wasn’t clear at the start.


Overall you have made decent progress however I’d rate the game about 5% done. I tried this game out on mobile becusee I just so happened to see this while on mobile and the game is not at all able to be played on mobile. So either figure out how to incorporate it or maybe just don’t let it playable on mobile. I’d also say the wolf and stuff could be better detailed. However the trees and mining as well could also be detailed more unless you are going for a low poly build then in that case make it all look low poly.

Oops, sorry about that! I didn’t intend for mobile players to be able to play it, but I forgot to change it in the settings. Also, yeah I was going for a low poly type game.

I should have made this clearer, giving how complicated the game is, but mobs only take damage when you use a sword! I think i’ll make a better tutorial, with images.

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Thanks for the feedback! I have just finished ordering the Almanac and Crafting Array. However, I still think it would be better to have the current inventory system, as this is the same way that other inventory systems, such as minecraft, work.

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Hey, don’t rush it. You’re gonna make an awesome game but take your time. Tweak some stuff and find inspirations! You’re gonna do awesome. We’ll be right here, keep us updated!

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Do ya’ll think a tutorial with images would be sufficient?

After listening to the feedback, I have made the spider and wolf only chase the player if within a certain range :slight_smile:

Can anyone give me some feedback on my crafting recipe dictionary?

Idea is pretty solid, but the game itself needs some work. Best of luck to you moving forward.

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