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Welcome to the Roverse Changelog! This changelog displays up to date and in-depth information about recent updates to Roverse.

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Alpha v0.1 (07/31/2021) - Retail Update
  • Retail Furniture Pack has been added with several new items to help you build your own stores within Roverse.
  • Mannequins have been introduced! Mannequins allow users to showcase & sell anyone's UGC items. Double-click a mannequin to access it's info.
  • Experience/Levels now track & save.
  • Task System has begun testing. Rewards currently don't do much but add Experience.
  • A new room layout has been added. It's a long room composed of 154 voxels.
  • The first track of the Roverse OST has been added; Buildmode theme. It can be heard while in buildmode.
  • New SFX have been added for placing and destroying furniture.
  • Various bug fixes & performance improvements.