Royale Club Events Handbook

About Us

Hello! Royale Club Events is a fun and active event group that does qotds, events, giveaways, and drawing challenges! Read the table of contents for more info.

Important Links

:roblox: Roblox Group
Dizzy Giveaway Server: 3yDwFzWz
Youtube Link

Table of Contents

Section 1: Staff Applications

Section 2: Staff Rules

Section 3: Member Rules

Section 4: Additional Information

Section 1: Staff Applications

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Staff Applications happen in the summer (May, June, July), and in the fall (September, October, November).

If you would like to apply then follow theese steps:

  1. Join the group (In important links)
  2. Follow the owner
  3. Post on the group wall: Can I get applied.

And a staff will reply within in 48hrs

Section 2: Staff Rules

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Staff must follow theese rules or you will have a chance of being eiether demoted or banned.

  1. Staff must be respectful and helpful by replying to the member’s group wall post. (Only reply if it says they need assistance from a staff member)

  2. Staff must have full sentences when posting in the group wall or in our games.

  3. Staff must not rank up random people or train without permission.

  4. Staff must be active and post atleast twice a week. (This is only to make sure we are active)

If any staff disobey, please post on our group wall.

Section 3: Member Rules

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This is made for all members.

  1. Do not
    spam advertise, only once a day. (If you leave after advertising, your advertisement goes with you)

  2. Do not cause drama (If your caught causing drama then without a warning, you will be exiled)

  3. Do not break roblox TOS. (This is another non-warning rule which means automatic exile)

  4. Do not beg for robux or a rank. The staff and I pick roles for you based on how active you are.

  5. Don’t forget to have fun!

Section 4: Additional Information

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This will be edited when we get more info


Thanks for reading! Let us know what we should add.