RPG Game Devlog #1 - Movement Test

welcome to my devlog for my upcoming RPG game, please don’t expect much from this project of mine since this was done on a whim and im very inexperienced with game development, so with the lame introduction out of the way…

what? just movement animations? yes
this is the current list of animations that a single animation pack has, i plan on remaking the sprint, land, highland, and climb. I wasnt able to showcase sprint because of how buggy it was.

but for the meantime, I plan on showcasing the inventory system and weapon combat in the next devlog, honestly dont know how long will it take to make the inventory because i gotta do the scripting, UI and everything.

thats it for devlog #1, kind of a disappointment that it isnt much but i hope i can atleast pique your interest on the next one, thank you for your time :wink:


It looks great. but check if the movement works with a gun just in case.


wow these animations look beautiful!