RPG game quest idea help!


I am in the process of making an RPG game with a few of my friends and I have no idea what kinds of quests to add…

I don’t really want to add anymore generic “oh no! i lost my object near the location!!! please get it for me!!!” quests and I’d rather avoid adding boring repetitive “kill 5 enemies” quests. The only issue is though, I’m not very creative!!

Thank you so much for reading and thanks even more if you give me ideas!!


well i’d suggest something basic like grind enemies for a new sword or something like that


I was thinking of doing some like that but wanted to avoid making it autoclickable like other games

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hmm, then another idea would be to unlock a new zone? something like that, its kinda hard to come up with idea tbh, but since i have no idea of like what rpg game ur making that’d be a quest thing

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ooooh thanks for the idea! i think it’d be pretty cool to get new zones from quests. Dunno how i never thought of it, thanks!!

no problem, tbh tho its just basic quests every simulator game kinda has, but dont make ur game too boring with theese quests, but basically u can do that with every single thing like, get a new abillity, new… and so on, but ofcourse dont repeat those stuff, as u gotta get new ideas

EDIT: some games do have quests, while some dont, but i only encountered this quest about like 2,3 or maybe even more times

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Yea, I might make a whole questline for a warp thing… I think it’d be interesting

but hopefully, if others do come across this post, they’ll definetly post lots of quest ideas, so stay updated for that.

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Try creating a story then think of what the character might need to do to progress the story.
At the end of the day most quests require you to increment a stat of some sort, or reach a target destination, or spend time doing some activity.

Make you make it so you need to collect different objects that you forge together to give you a special ability and these objects come rarely from enemy’s or around the map to promote exploring?

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Take a look at Swordburst 3 (But don’t buy it, it SUCKS) and do the complete opposite of what they’ve done.


It makes the game feel like a simulator, and a lot of people prefer being able to run straight to the end and see if they’re skilled enough to take on the enemies there with underpowered weapons.

Have the quests be more than fetch quests or bandit beaters

This is important, I’d suggest mixing the two and not just doing one or the other. Of course, you can do quests where the user has to (for example) cook something.

  • Stardew Valley and The Fallout Series are what I’d call good references for quests.

Do not make quests the main form of levelling up.

Pretty simple. Its annoying to constantly go back and forth between NPCs doing the same quest over and over just to level up.

Of course, do longgg story quests.

This just adds a lot of… “life” to the characters in the game, if you do it well enough. The Fallout Series is decent reference.

And finally, a little tip for map design:
Do not make a fully linear path from start to end, have branch off paths with zero hints on where to go.
This encourages exploration, and allows you to put exclusive quests at the end of some of the branching paths. And again, do not do area unlocks at all, it removes a lot of fun that could be had.

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A good reference for quirky and random quests is the Fable franchise. I’d check that out!

Puzzles, a lot of different types of puzzles , could be word play, riddles, or some type of lifeskilling like foraging

so like mini-story quests then.