RPG Simulator Developer Notes

I would like to say that it is very hard and tedious working on this game as the code was made when I was a novice developer and I completely ignored organization. Editing and tweaking this game is like walking on a mind field and prolongs updates and fixes, not to mention the package bug I have to deal with. I really want to work on my next great RPG project but this random influx of players and demand for RPG Simulator updates kind of just halted it.

Soul Rune
I will make this clear, I will not be nerfing this rune anymore further. after I change it later today. I believe the concept is nice but the rune is just a bit too overpowered when working with a large group. Runes in the future will get changed, more runes will come out as well. Just wait a bit more.

Gift Rune
I heard you all already you don’t need to spam the samething in Feedback. I know this Rune needs a buff, I was expirementing to see how it would get used.

End game
The current only End Game is Emperor of Time. Which was meant for large parties. I will add some type of Solo/Squad game mode for people to fight bosses in to gain points to buy equipment in a shop that would help for end game.

I will add a better leaderboard system for each category. I will also add clan icon changes.

For a good game there needs to be a good communication between Player and Developer. I will always be transparent with my community and be there to help and understand what everyone wants. It is literally impossible to cater both sides, so siding with the majority and what I think, is the best way I would like to do things.