RPG Simulator Update 15.5 Patch Notes

UPDATE 15.5 Patchnotes

Part 2 Ancient Cave
Quest Expansion
Blacksmith Crafting

Ancient Jungle Cave (Zone)
Part 2 of the Last Zone has been added.
3 New Monsters and Boss are waiting for you to fight them.

Blacksmith Crafting
Inside the Ancient Cave is a Blacksmith that will offer to craft you items if you have the correct materials. You may use the Icicles to craft some interesting items.

Quest Expansion
I have added a total of 6 new quests this update, where 3 of them are in the new zone.
There is a new quest type where quests can only be completed once. More quests like this will be out in the future for different stages of the game for more challenges.

  • 1 Quest NPC in Soaring Archipelago
  • 1 Quest NPC in Overgrowth
  • 1 Quest NPC in Lost City
  • 3 Quest NPCs in Ancient Jungle


  • Moon Cutters and Moon Slice now gets affected by Potato and LowEnd
  • Sword Storm’s Sound Effect now plays in world space (you dont hear it everywhere)
  • Other small things no point of mentioning

Future Notes

  • Hive (Update 16)
  • Learned Skills (Update 16)
  • End of the World (Update 17)
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