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[RRG] Random Roblox Games





Game Rules

1. If you are warned for an activity and then continue to continue that action, you are essentially demonstrating that you have no remorse for the action you committed. You will be banned if you are warned for something and then perform the same action again.

2. No exploiting/hacking is allowed - this is not only against our rules, but also Roblox’s TOS.

3. If you make fun of another player or a moderator, a warning should be issued; if you persist, a permanent ban will be issued.

4. If you are caught spamming or advertising your games in our games, you will be warned and kicked if you continue.

5. If you are detected distributing false information, you will be banned immediately.

6. If you are detected bypassing the chat filter (swearing, for example), you will be banned on confrontation.

7. If you violate the Roblox TOS in one of our games, you will be reported to Roblox and banned from the game.

8. Above all, when playing our games, you must apply common sense. If you are unclear if an action is prohibited by the rules, you should apply common sense to assess whether the activity is appropriate.


Bans & Ban Appeals

Players cannot appeal against hacking/exploiting bans.

To appeal,
1. Go to our appeals game here.

2. Fill out all the information required.

3. Wait for a response.


Thanks for reading the official RRG Handbook!
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact an admin.