RSR ro-scale railway updates and roadmap

This is a log of what the RSR team is planning and what updates have been released to the game!


Version V2.10.0

  1. - start of an new heritage focussed line near Steeds Valley - opening of Holsten to all trains and act as an normal station - if an Heritage train has an cab at the front and rear, change the collision groups to the normal collision groups (eg Class 121, 303, Blue Pullman’s) - atleast 4 new stations to make the third rail area larger (currently the only Third Rail only area on the mainline is the Norwich - Hayton Vale/Brismond Airport Central) - Update Steeds Valley - Remove Crewill harbour and add a new port near Linspool (Freight trains will be rerouted onto the Sealink tracks towards Steeds Freight Terminal following the port and coast) - Move flasks to Wellow and add a docking station specific for Nuclear Flask Trains - finish the new HST’s - preparations for a new spawn system (includes adding player folders when a new player joins and deletes the folder when an player leaves. Trains will be put into that folder, this allows easier access to the train from the localplayer and increases the chance for a speedometer and other features that are train related (eg limiting the amount of trains an player can spawn, correct functioning door sounds when an train is coupled using the DCC Consist Editor, etc)) - Updated Headboard Editor - Updated sounds on Mark 2 coaches some stuff i also want but wont be in this update, but might come in the following patches after: **- Brismond rework - correct calculated speed limits - updated sounds on the Class 321, 320, 319 - more reworked scenery

RSR V2.9.6: (current version)

  • Restored game to normal theme
  • Event Trains gamepass is now back to full price
  • Traxxius and GhostExpress are now gamepass again
RSR Legacy Updates


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