Hello all, this is the first Handbook for rTech League and without further a do let’s get into it. So this handbook is to show ALL the current rules and regulations for rTech League which ALL people must follow at all times. Failure to do so may result in further punishments. We will now go through all of the Rules and Regulations.


In this section, all of the main rules will be listed into small categories. This is to make sure that they are in the order they need to be in otherwise they will be confusing to acknowledge.


Respect everyone around you.
Respecting is one of our main priorities in this league. It is always the case to show respect to the people who succeed and to those who fail too. We shall not cause chaos and disrespect to people when somebody has done something to them. It is always the case to respect somebody when in-game and out-game. Failure to do this may result in a warning or if multiple times could lead to a kick from a session or two.

No retaliating.
This is very common in rTech League and is considered the most used tactic to backchat people including Higher ups. We do not tolerate this type of Infringement to staff and other people as it’s classed as immature and toxic behaviour and doing this can get you into some serious trouble. Doing this can lead to a race ban or even worse.

Listen to everyone including higher ups.
This is something many people do and don’t do very often in rTech and we are trying to prevent this by putting this rule in place. This is something that we do not tolerate at all which is considered as toxic behaviour towards higher ups, doing this can get you warned or kicked from a session or even worse if you do this multiple times.

Do not argue with anybody or HRs and above.
This is considered one of the most used things to use when something has terribly happened. If you have had a bad race, please do not try and cause ruckus against staff members including FIA and higher ups. This is not the best thing to do since you can get into some big trouble for this. Causing arguments can lead to a race ban or even worse in other cases.

No hate speech towards anyone.
This is one of the main and last ones we would like to prevent in rTech League. This is one of the main causes why rTech league is becoming a more of a toxic community than every before. Hate speech is when you give out a specific hate comment(s) against someone. For example a Driver hating on another Driver for being a bad driver. This can cause some serious action being taken by the FIA if you’re caught. Doing this will result in a race ban or two, this is mainly optional for the FIA depending on who bad it has been going on for.


Attendance is key.
This has been our biggest part to rTech League. We are very concerned about Attendance and we want to keep this up to our expected standards. Not attending a lot of sessions can lead to serious consequences and even a role exile if that. You are expected to attend atleast the most important sessions like Races, Qualifying and practise sessions. All other sessions are optional unless you have to join it. However if you cannot attend a certain event because of something you need to state a valid reason in order to be accepted.

Follow instructions stated by Higher ups, the hosts.
Alot of people may or may not follow instructions because they choose not to. Which frustrates everyone because they are clearly wasting time and it is not ok to do this. We do not tolerate immature behaviour if people do not follow important instructions. Failure to do this may result in a session timeout.

Make sure staff know what they are doing. (No lacking around)
This is another thing to look out for, if staff lack on-duty and continue to do this then this is the time to report it to SHR or HRS. We do not tolerate this laziness and is considered as undisciplined manner and disrespect. Failure to do your job may result in a demotion to your rank or maybe even exiled.

Valid warnings and penalties given to Drivers.
This is what everybody has been concerned about for the past month. Sometimes the FIA like to punish drivers unreasonably and give out free advantages to certain drivers to make them win which gets boring and it causes lot’s of chaos after the race. Failure to state valid reasons for warnings and penalties may result in a demotion or exile.

Make sure everybody is ready to race.
This is crucial for Staff members to know so please read this rule before hosting a session. This rule has been put in place to make sure that everybody is ready and on time to drive and perform on track. Breaking this rule will result in a warning or demotion.

Do not abuse Admin commands.
This is also a very important rule that we have put on to prevent admin abusing and using commands that we shouldn’t be using. Sometimes people like to use the power to themselves and mess around with them without permission from a Higher up. This is highly illegal and is considered immature and toxic behaviour. Abusing admin commands will result in being demoted and forced to not have admin.

Use the flag panel properly and professionally.
This is highly crucial to look at if you’re the FIA and probably a new Steward so please pay attention to this. We use the flag system to notify players what’s going on during the race. If we do not use this properly fans and other players will get confused and the FIA might start getting cynical about the situation and they would have to perform a restart. Failure to use the flag system properly will result in a demotion to your rank and a blacklist to using the flag system.


Make sure to dress in your racing suits and helmets.
This is very important as it is a safety hazard for you to not be wearing this uniform we have made for drivers to wear during session time. If we do not dress in our Driver suit and helmets when we are told to by Higher ups then you are going to get a penalty for doing this. If you do this multiple times however you will get a race ban.

Listen to FIA Instructions given out during sessions.
Instructions given by FIA is important because we need to follow them in order to have a safe and relaxing race. However sometimes we do not decide to do this and avoid the instructions given from FIA Stewards. This can cause some serious chaos after the race and even could lead to you getting a penalty in the race or if you’re still avoiding it then you will be disqualified.

Follow the SC or VSC.
One thing about this rule is that you always have to follow the SC or VSC when it is activated for a valid reason. Failing to do so will result in a 5 second time penalty for avoiding safety car.

Extra Information