Rthro legs on classic characters make no sense

I’ve been messing around with Rthro parts to see what’s possible to make, and legs seems to follow some pretty wacky logic:

  • The width of the legs (but not feet) is proportional to anthroness. Classic characters with anthro legs will have thighs like tablelegs, a narrow stalk running up to a flat surface.
  • Rthro arms on a normal character will be shortened. Rthro legs will not, making the character very tall.

Any chance Rthro-Classic compatibility will ever be made less terrible?

This most belongs in #platform-feedback:web-features, but, since I assume by the fact that you wrote this in here that you are a New Member, post these kinds of posts to #bulletin-board next time.

I’d like to remind you to read the rules before posting and make sure you post in the correct category.

Wrong category, don’t use Development Support for non-support requests. Follow category guidelines when posting.