RTS Camera scripter needed! [USD]

About the job
Hi there! I am jrmblox and i’m currently working on a new real time strategy game, however i’m having struggles with making the top-down camera for the game so i decided to hire someone for this task. It would come in handy if you’ve ever played games like Total war, Anno, or any other strategy game. The camera needs to have a specified area in which is it able to move in (has to be editable). You also need to be able to zoom in and out a bit (min and max values adjustable aswell) using the mousewheel. And lastly you can rotate the camera’s z angle (idk if this if the correct angle) 360 degrees around.

I’ll be paying a minimum of 50 euro however this is negotiable and can rise, we can discuss payment trough discord.

You can send me a message here on the devforum or add me on Discord.
Discord: jrm104#9409

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