RTS Game Devlog #6 - How should I make more content?

Hello. I’ve been working on an RTS game for a while now, and I’m having trouble getting ideas for new content lately. The game seems complete, but it feels lackluster.

Here’s some things I have for now:

  • Naval combat
  • Air combat
  • Land combat
  • Wins/ loses
  • Round statistic ( money produced, units destroyed etc.)
  • General game loop: make money, fight, win/lose, repeat

I’d love it if you guys have free time to answer these questions about the game:

  • How can I make the game more interesting?
  • What does the game feel like when you play it?
  • How do I make the lobby feel more natural to the game’s general feel?
  • Which aspects of the game is the most enjoyable? If so, why?

I don’t want to burden you with so many questions, so that’s all I ask. However, if you have any insights and want to share some valluable advice, I’d appreciate that very much.

That being said, here’s the current state of the game:




Yeah that… press L to teleport
(I forgot to fix the spawn for this map)

Why i don’t know but this game is awesome. Keep up the good work.

Heh, thanks. People I’ve met in the game gave some valuable suggestions that made the game better as time goes on. I’m still unsure on how I would advertise the game, though. :wink:

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Some ideas on how to advertise could be:

  • Partnering up with other game studios to gain publicity
  • Advertising by word of mouth to friends
  • Contacting roblox content creators
  • Finding people on roblox that are high ranks in groups that could host gamenights on it

Just my thoughts.

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cool game, it should be promoted

I’ve partially made an RTS game before, and I highly recommend you don’t rip off conquerors 3.