Rudolph101 | Programmer For Hire [CLOSED]

About Me

Hi! I’m Daniel, known as Rudolph101 on Roblox. I’m 22 and have been scripting and game developing on Roblox for the past 13 years, recently graduating with a masters degree in Computer Science and Maths.

Although I specialise in programming, I have experience in most aspects of Roblox game development - including animation, UI creation, and building & modelling.

Recent Work

METAM (Lead Programmer)

  • Achievements System
  • Round-Based Gameplay
  • Shop + Inventory Systems
  • UI Functionality
  • Statistics Tracking & Leaderboards

Little Big Garden (Sole Developer)

  • Dynamic Quest System
  • Npc Dialog
  • Pathfinding
  • Data Stores

Temple Terra (Lead Programmer)

  • Pets and Trails
  • Mining System
  • Procedurally Generating Mining Pit
  • Minigames
  • Gamepasses & Developer Products

Bloxville (Sole Developer)

  • Quest + Inventory Systems
  • UI Functionality
  • Npc Dialog
  • Data Stores
  • Skill Levelling & Resource Gathering Systems

World Expedition (Programmer)

  • UI Functionality
  • Shop System
  • Premium Privileges


  • Here is a compliation of some RPG mechanics made for Bloxville. This includes a working quest system, mining system, and NPC dialogue.

  • Here is an example of a minigame made for Temple Terra where the players must quickly run to the indicated colour.

  • And here you can find footage of Temple Terra’s mining mechanic, along with an example of how the procedural generation looks from the outside, keeping the number of rendered parts to a minimum.


I’m currently available to work 7 hours a day from Monday to Friday.


Prices are negotiable, however I aim to earn about $13 per hour of work. My preferred method of payment is PayPal, however I also accept Robux.

For smaller jobs I’ll show you the finished product before I ask for payment and then send it over. For larger jobs I’ll ask for the payment to be broken into smaller amounts to be paid at various milestones during development.

I’m unlikely to accept a percentage cut unless the game is already making money.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum, via Twitter at:, or on Discord at DPhillips98#1114

Thanks for reading, please get in touch if you’re interested in hiring me! :slight_smile:


i am interested do you have twitter? if you do plz dm me at @iabandonedtv

Hey there! I sent a message on Twitter if you’re interested!

Rudolph has been my main developer for every project I’ve had, he is the most professional guy I know, amazing work at a decent price! And he is EXTREMELY fast, gets to work as soon as he possibly can and will get it exactly how you want it to make sure you’re satisfied. 120% recommend Rudolph


Best programmer ever! Rudolph101 has worked very well with my on my projects. He has great communication and is very professional, and his end product is the best! He has worked on Temple Terra for me, and I would be hiring him again in the future!


I’ve known Daniel for two different projects, and I’ve seen his progress on his weekend projects. For every programmer I’ve ever known, he is the best example of how a programmer could be working.
Clients typically look for professionalism, open communication, ability to meet practical deadlines, and passion enough to make sure all work put out is quality work- he’s got all that down pat. It’s quite comforting to know you’ve got him working for you, he’ll surprise you- that’s for sure!


I’ve known Rudolph101 for 8 years, and hired him for the programming for several of my games (including the Bloxy-nominated World Expedition, which amassed 22M+ visits as of now, and at one time was the highest rated game on Roblox!)

I can personally vouch that he’s a complete pleasure to work with! Very hard working and knowledgable, no drama, and incredibly friendly as well.

What are you waiting for? If you’re reading this in need of a programmer, you’ve found him! You won’t regret it!


Rudolph101 is professional, friendly, efficient, and charges super fair prices!
100% would recommend this awesome Programmer. If you need something done well and quick, he’s your man!

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Hey bud,

Shot you a friend request on Discord to go over what I think would be well within your development interests!

Hope to talk soon,


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