Ruinstone - a new game in Roblox

Hi all :wave:! I released my Ruinstone(game). What can I tell you about it?

First of all it is not a common simulator where you need to smash gems which will fall out of 5 types of gems in each location (right now there are only 3 locations, but one works) and I did not add a leaderboard so that a person could just play and enjoy the process with his friends.

Secondly I will say that we made it a year, because I was working on details, UI, animations and other for 2 months and then all the rest time we had scripters, one very slow and then just ignored me and I could not talk to him, then I made a decision to hire a new one. So always give a warning no matter what happens!

Third I know there are bugs in the game, Iā€™m sorry, but I got tired of developing the game so long.

Have a good time! :grin:

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Your game is a nice concept, you could try different building and assets styles so it looks more apealing