Rules And Credits For Sword Fighting Simulator


Builder: FireFlameRBX
Scripter : FireFlameRBX , fuber_71
Lead Developer : XxAiraclanxX
Ad Maker : fuber_71
Artist: FireFlameRBX
GFX Designer : FireFlameRBx
Tranlastor : FireFlameRBX
Owner : fuber_71
Co Owner : XxAiraclanxX
Pet Designer: fuber_71
Pet Scripter : FireFlameRBX
Loading Screen : HowToRoblox
Gui Designer : FireFlameRBX

Rules And Terms :

Rules 1 No Bullying
Rules 2 No Scamming
Rules 3 No Hacking
Rules 4 No Begging
Rules 5 Don’t Ask For Robux
Rules 6 Don’t Beg For Robux Until GiveAway
Rules 7 Dont Ask For Free Merch

Guys It Not Oficcal Release yet