Rules And Regulations

England Studio’s Rules and regulations.

Hello there I’m Sav CEO of England 1920s made by @SavDevv
1920’s England is a role play type game where you can rob, start a gang, or work for your boss. Anything is possible!

We have a number of rules and regulations you need to follow our rules and regulations not following that will be given consequences by our moderation teams.



  1. Follow the Roblox Terms of Service and Roblox Community Guidelines. These rules are enforced at the highest level for our moderation team. No exceptions.

  2. Hacking and glitching, Hacking and glitching is not tolerated in 1920’s England if we catch you you will be banned.

  3. Respect all players equally. We have a number of players from mobile to PC, If you don’t respect people and you are harassing them you will be dealt with accordingly.

  4. Report rule breakers from our communication server and a member of the moderation team will handle your request. (Make sure you have viable proof).

  5. Don’t Leave when you have been frozen by the moderation team, this will lead to you being unable to play our game of a certain amount of time.

  6. Do not Spawn camp/Kill this will lead to a possible warn or further punishment.

Refunds & Purchases

Refunds & Purchases

The Dev team of England Studio’s Respects the players of 1920 And will do its best to keep the price low and still make the game pass balanced. With this in mind, keep in mind the following when purchasing a game pass or product from our stores:

  1. Refunds are not available for anything you buy here. Refunds have to go through Roblox Because we can not refund you of your purchase.

  2. Game passes are a privilege, not a right. This means that any rule breaking can result in a ban, tempban, etc. We will not Refund you of your purchase(s)

Moderation team and staff

Moderation team and staff
Staff members will be paroling servers constantly they will look like a normal player if you come across a staff member, avoid notifying others to their presence as it helps them complete their job.

If a player says that they are a Staff member and They do not show proof of them being a staff member please report them in the communication server and we will handle them.

Always remember that a Moderator’s authority is final and any punishment issued by them should not be argued with


And that is all, I wish you the best and a Great game play experience Remember to respect other players, moderators/staff, and most importantly, have fun!

-CEO @SavDevv

Signed by @SavDevv.

Last updated 25th Feb 2022