Rules for Dream Sky Hotels- LR

Lr Handbook

Rules as a staff member:

-Wear your uniform at all times in the hotel, you do not have to wear a uniform during trainings, but it is encouraged.

-Grammar is mandatory in the hotel game, but not in the discord server

-Please do not troll or otherwise violate in game rules.

These rules are not final and may change at any time.

General Rules-

-Please do not discuss innapropriate topics within the game or the discord server.

-Please do not swear in game, as it is against TOS, however mild swearing in the server is tolerated. Please do not say racial/ableist slurs.

-It is recommended you have at least a rudimentary understanding of English.

-Do not come to the hotel wearing little/no clothing, as it could encourage online dating.

-No online dating.

-No advertising other groups/games, or using the hotel game to advertise content.

-Please report any innapropriate behavior to roblox and report the behavior in our discord server.

Common sense

-Please do not do anything you have to question as acceptable or not. Please do not attempt to abuse loopholes, but it is encouraged to report the loophole to an SHR+.