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Rules and Guidelines for Official Noord Brabant
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General Rules:

  • 1: Always listen to an order from our moderation team that is given.

  • 2: Respect all players in our game, we want to give everyone their pleasure.

  • 3: Do not bully or send offensive content, this includes racial slurs, block roads.

  • 4: Do not advertise your items, game, groups, community servers etc.

  • 5: We do not allow exploiters, copying game people, or ear rape people with the music system.

  • 6: You are not allowed to spam, sexism, racism, offensive language or use cursing content.

  • 7: Our moderators always has the last words, and the right to remove you from the game.

  • 8: When purchasing products we will never refund it, unless we approve your attachments.

  • 9: We have no right to change things about your VIP servers, this is roblox related.

  • 10: You have to roleplay, if you can’t do this we have to remove you from the game.

Join Rules:

  • 1: By joining our game you agree to our terms and conditions of service.

  • 2: It is not allowed to farm XP or money in our servers, this will result in a ban.

  • 3: If you aren’t from our Management, don’t say you are. You will be banned if we catch you.

  • 4: We want to make it clear that you will not get a purchase back from our game.

  • 5: You cannot participate in our game with an account age of less than 40 days.

  • 6: We have a group protection, from now on you have to be in the group to join.

  • 7: You have to read all our general rules and join rules before you join the game.

  • 8: When something happens on your account, you are responsible for it yourself.

  • 9: When we catch you for trying to scam / mislead people, you will be banned.

  • 10: Swearing is not allowed, we treat each other nicely and always remain polite.

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