Rules of the Unofficial Roblox DevForum Community Server


Please make sure to read every rule, by using our server you agree with them and understand that they are subject to change at any moment. Remember that the Roblox Terms of Service and Roblox Developer Forum guidelines apply here as well. Breaking these or the rules stated below will result into appropriate action taken against you.

We are not Roblox Staff - if you need to report something, please click here.

• Defamation or rude behavior towards a person or group (including a group of individuals such as “New Members”) is considered against our rules and will get you moderated. If it’s an aggravated issue, you will be reported to the Developer Relations team.

• Remember to share this server with your friends, so we can grow this community together! If you wish to help this community to grow even further, invite other people over. With more people here, we will host more community events, such as game nights, competitions, etc.

• If you find low-quality posts as a result of the forum becoming more open, make sure to flag them. There have been a number of complaints about these posts on where no one has bothered to actually report them. These users can’t be removed from the forum if you don’t report them.


Introduction: Basic introduction of the server and reference to the Roblox and Developer Forum guidelines.
Server Etiquette: Covers common sense behaviour expected from a member.
Privacy & Security: Explicitly prohibits any sort of privacy invasion or defamation.
Prohibited Topics: Topics that should be kept out of our server.
Miscellaneous: Meta and further explanation of how we deal with common sense.
Additional Information: Information regarding community specific features such as Outstanding Member.
Guide to strikes and mute system: How we handle strikes and infractions.

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Server Etiquette

1. This server is designed to foster collaboration and communication in the Roblox developer community. All users are expected to be mature and civil. Trolling, flaming and personal attacks will not be tolerated.

2. Personal attacks are when something negative is said about a person, rather than said about their behavior or their work. Even if the negative statement is true, personal attacks are not allowed here. Stick to posting constructive criticism about a person’s behavior or work.

3. Keep discussion within the subject of the thread (on-topic).

4. Disagreement and constructive criticism are welcome, but rude behavior is not. Insulting or derogatory posts will be deleted.

5. Every reply should have a meaningful and contributive response.

6. Stay polite! We encourage earnest discussion of topics; you may disagree completely with any number of users, systems, or practices but we trust you to present your arguments respectfully and politely. Everyone’s opinion matters!

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Privacy & Security

1. Dox’ing or sensitive information will get you IMMEDIATELY and PERMANENTLY banned from the server and reported to the Developer Relations team on sight, this includes suspicious links or archives. This is a zero tolerance policy.

2. Sending mentioning or links to phishing/scamming websites, even if it is a joke or unintentionally is prohibited. If you need to report something, please forward it to Roblox through official means.

3. In order to guarantee mutual privacy, we ask you not to share information released here with other people. Divulging sensitive screenshots, information, chats, et cetera from this server to outsiders is a bannable action and may get removed you from the Developer Forum.

4. Do not privately message other members unless you have their consent. Insistently bothering other users will get you removed from the community.

5. Publicly and deliberating exposition of sensitive or unwarranted content related to others, which might or not be considered invasion of privacy, is a reason for removal of both Roblox Developer Forum and this Community; if you are caught you will be moderated upon evidence and request of said person.

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Prohibited topics

1. There are certain things that should remain out of the community. These topics include (but are not limited to);
• Racism
• Hate speech
• Gender bias
• Religion
• Discriminatory language
• Any form of self harm
• Politics
• Physical or emotional abuse of any sort

These topics are not subject to be debated, stating your opinions are fine but if this generates an unceccessary argument, you will be immediately moderated. (As an example: it’s okay to discuss ways to help suicidal people, but not to encourage or defend suicide)

2. Our community is gauged for Developers aged 13 years and older. Therefore there should not be any references to illicit or extreme content anywhere on the Developer Forum. This includes (but is not limited to) adult content and use of illicit drugs, alcohol, weapons or tobacco.

3. Any topic that sparks an unproductive discussion is subject to being restricted on the server, the final decision is up to the present moderator.

4. Do not violate, under any circumstances, the discord community guidelines, as this may result in banning and excluding your Discord account. We will report it and ban it from the server if you do.

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1. It’s okay to post memes, if, and only if, they absolutely relate to the on-going conversation and do not interrupt it.

2. Attempting to bypass the rules is prohibited. You are not children - use common sense for what you should or not do.

3. Swearing is fine, as long as it not targeted at other users. “####, I forgot my name!” is fine, but “#### you” is not.

4. These rules are not exhaustive, you should use common sense. You may be moderated for breaking rules not otherwise stated, or for breaking the spirit of the rules.

5. We reserve the right to change these rules at any given moment, without prior notification. Furthermore, the present moderator has the final word for any infringement.

6. You may report users that have broken our rules or deliberately acted against the well-being of the community/another member. The cases will be open for one month, upon which the responsible moderator should decide whether to proceed with reporting the user to Discord T&S, the Developer Relations team or archiving the case.

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Additional information

• Outstanding members are these that are always seen talking to other people in the community, they have little or no moderation issues or complaints about them. They can be nominated by the community or picked by an administrator. We are always looking for people that contribute to the server, are helpful to others and familiar to the community’s guidelines, usually they should prove themselves capable of dealing with minor issues. Do not ask to get the role, people who help more often, who make outstanding creations and who are super active will be more likely to receive the role. Remember: having this role means you are a role model for other members, be responsible with it.

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Guide to strikes and mute system.

• As a process of clarification and transparency, in this post I hope to explain how we base our moderation actions in this community. We will regularly refer to the #rules and its categories - please be sure to have read them.

• Strikes pile up and are permanent. Once Strike IV is achieved, the user will be automatically banned from the community.

• You can appeal a ban by contacting a senior member of staff, such as the lead administrator. Every moderation action, except Severe , may be appealed to our Lead Administrator or a Community Coordinator.

• Any moderator may request the activation of the Immediate Punishment Mechanism (IPM). The IPM should only be used upon urgency and emergency: server raid, excessive infringement of actions, forum related issues, et cetera. In order to be activated, at least three moderators or two administrators must vote for it. The Community Management Team and Developer Relations have the right to veto any IPM.

• Our moderation actions are divided in four main categories, listed below:

  • Light - failing to follow Server etiquette , such as displaying rude behaviour to other members. Infractor is given one strike and notified to cease his actions.

  • Medium - deliberately and repetitively breaking a rule, or discussing any of the Prohibited topics . Leads to a double strike; if infraction persists a third strike or a ban (this decision is reserved to the moderator) may follow.

  • Severe - breaking any of the Privacy & Security rules or illegal behaviour. Results in immediate ban and report to Roblox Developer Relations Team and Discord Trust & Safety.

  • Miscellaneous - given upon infraction of the Miscellaneous guidelines. The present moderator has the final word for any infringement in this section.

  • Muted - can be handed out upon need.

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