Run a script before playeradded

i have a serialization script which serializes inventory items, but there is a function linked to playeradded which causes errors because the serialize functions haven’t run yet. How would I wait until these are done to run the playeradded functions? *in a secure way

Use a coroutine and a boolean value to tell that the function has been run.

local runService = game:GetService('RunService')
local hasBeenRun = false

    -- do the serialization func
    hasBeenRun = true
end)() -- ensure you have this extra set of brackets as it calls the coroutine

    repeat runService.Heartbeat:Wait() until hasBeenRun

Coroutines have a state which you can read to see whether the thread has been executed.

Consider using coroutine.create to create a thread object that can be interacted with instead of relying on an external variable to check the state of the thread.

In this case it would also make more sense to create your own event control–maybe using Bindables–so you can have a linear flow of how the code will be executed. Promises can do this nicely.

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