Running into some weird issues with my game

Hey, my name is Ayxies and I have been building a new project map for a group I have. The map has been going fine with team create on and we finished today, but when I published the game the final time, none of the recent updates were made, the new items I put in were in their positions but some of the old stuff was still floating in mid air.

I found a few errors in the scripts and removed most of them, but then half of my roblox terrain was gone and was replaced in water. This was extremely annoying as we’d been working on this for hours. I then played around a little further and found that when I played the game, most of the stuff I’d place in the area had shifted and was now floating in the air about 800 studs to the left of it’s original position. When I edit, everything is fine, but when I play it is all over the place! If I could get any help, on why this is an issue, I would greatly appreciate it!


I put this on another game I had, it is a different map and it works flawlessly. So I know it is none of my scripts, is roblox just failing to update my game correctly?

It could be some Roblox issues, I know there are some issues with the current Team Create feature they are always changing with permissions, saving, drafts etc.

Alright, thank you for the response, it gives me some hope of finding a solution!