Running our first ads

Running our first successful ad
I have a new game that will be coming out soon. I am wondering how much I should spend and when should I spend it. This is the group that the game will be ran on:

The Budget
Well I only have about 2k robux right now there is always a chance I can scrap up a few thousand. It was higher don’t worry but an event happened…

I have looked through posts on the dev forum but I need a better understanding especially with a lower budget.

More detail
What I’m looking for is a way to use that 2k for maximum benefit or it’s bang. How should I spent it, should I run ads, sponsors, both? And how much and what time.

Thanks for reading and help me out if possible!

I do not think 2,000R$ Will work out getting a community since the advertising is a big no no, Well If I we’re you I will just won’t spend any R$, But try to slowly grow members, Or probably spend them for your Developers.

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No matter what you do follow this rule in advertising. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. If you have multiple ads then run both at a low price and see which one garners more clicks. If you have 5000 robux for example don’t spend 4500 in one go, after you have the ad you want then spend 500 a day instead.


Yep, I think I’ll start out with 500 a day and re investing some of the profit back into ads.


Don’t start out with it, get like 3 ads and run 20 robux on each to see the clicks of all of them, then run the one with the highest. Make sure you check with #art design support to make sure that they are appealing ads. 2k is quite low for running ads, maybe save a bit more?


Okay, I’ll try and do that. Thanks for the suggestion. But I also don’t have the robux to buy 2 more ads you know?