Running out of ideas for arenas

I’m building a simulator map, not one where you jump into the skies but unlock arenas and fight zombies then progress to the next etc etc.
I’ve made many arenas and I am really starting to run out of ideas. From a normal forest to a pink teapot warrior camp…
Here are pictures of the space I need to work with, please leave any ideas aha…

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You could fill this with a forest or a water biome.

•In the water biome you could have ships what have been taken over by the zombies and you have to fight them in there. You could also have zombies under the water for you to fight.

•In the jungle biome you could have something where you start lower in the trees and have to progress up and the zombies become harder to defeat.

Thats all I can think of right now, but good luck with your game!


Thank you so much! Great ideas but I feel this area is too confined to really express that. :frowning:

The area is quite small to place a certain arena in a tight - small amount of space.

If you are going to have so small of a place, I highly recommend adding more features to it or creating something like it’s a (graveyard area) and zombies come out of the ground to attack other players include things like skeletons things like that It can be quite dull to walk down a small area, without much scenery going on.

I recommend using reference images for finding ideas or things to include in a small area you’ll probably find something that you like and go from there.