RunService Update. What Would be the Successors?

The old events like Heartbeat, Renderstepped, etc… have been deprecated. I’m just wondering which successor would replace the old ones. Would PostSimulation be Hearbeat? A table of predecessor and successor would be cool! Thanks

Here’s a link to the new events

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If I see the descriptions of the deprecated methods and comparing them with the new events,

  • Heartbeat’s successor is most definitely PostSimulation, since Heartbeat runs the frame after the physics simulation
  • RenderStepped’s successor is most definitely PreRender, since RenderStepped runs the frame prior to the frame being rendered
  • Stepped’s successor is most definitely PreSimulation, since Stepped runs the frame prior to the physics simulation.
  • Not sure what would be PreAnimation’s predecessor, looks like it’s a new one

Hope this cleared up what you needed