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:star2: Greetings from SAIKU!
:shallow_pan_of_food: “Savour the Moment.”

SAIKU is an upcoming Japanese Steakhouse on the Roblox Platform, established on December 28th, 2021. Our employees reassure themselves that all guests are satisfied with the quality of service delivered. We offer fine customer service, perfectly picked to make sure you have a fine experience; and that you wish to return to us. Anyone can become a member of the community of SAIKU, so what are you waiting for, join us and enjoy the SAIKU experience!

Last Revised: August 26, 2022

General Information



Rank Information

Rank Descriptions

The following information will include a basic rank description and rank limit for our group ranks.

Neutral Ranks

  • Customer
    The basic rank that is given to users that join the group.

  • Noted Customer
    A rank that is given to specific people that have significantly impacted SAIKU greatly. Mainly given to former HR+.

  • Business Partner
    This rank is distributed to individuals that are representing from other establishments affiliated with us.

  • Awaiting Training
    This rank is distributed to individuals who conveyed a solicitation form to us through utilisations of Application Centre, and was validated to join our LR team. They don’t acquire the authorisation to function, until they’ve attained adequate edifications through attending our training sessions.

Low Ranks

  • Junior Staff
    This rank is distributed to personnels who finialised their training as a Trainee. Individuals who attain this rank is permitted to commence their functionings, and accomplish their accountabilities as LR.

  • Head Staff
    The basic rank that is given to users that join the group.

  • Senior Staff
    The basic rank that is given to users that join the group.

  • Certified Staff
    The basic rank that is given to users that join the group.

Management Ranks

  • Staff Assistant

Limit: 25

  • Supervisor
    Supervisors are very familiar with their duties and can take on the role of hosting training sessions. They may also train with an assistant throughout sessions, as well as moderating the restaurant.
    Limit: 20

  • Assistant Manager
    The basic rank that is given to users that join the group.
    Limit: 15

  • General Manager
    The basic rank that is given to users that join the group.
    Limit: 10

  • Administration Team
    The basic rank that is given to users that join the group.
    Limit: 10

High Ranks

  • Corporate Assistant
    This is the first High Rank at SAIKU. They assist the lead and co-lead in their chosen department completing tasks in their department.
    Limit: 12

  • Corporate Officer
    As a Corporate Officer, you will be co-leading a department. As a co-lead they will be deputy director and advise any Executive Assistants of their departments. This rank do not grant full power against their department.
    Limit: 4

  • Corporate Director
    This rank has accelerated all ranks and is proven worthy in leading a department. These people make the greatest changes towards SAIKU and take on community-changing decisions regularly depending on their department.
    Limit: 2

  • Development Team
    Our Development Team help assist in creating our games, and manage everything within development. This rank cannot be earned, and you must be chosen by the Leadership Team to be part of the Development team.

Senior Ranks

  • Vice President
    Presidential Assistants are tasked in overseeing their department. They are also chosen by the owner to assist them with future plans as well as current plans.
    Limit: 2

  • President
    The Owner’s most trusted individual. They are most trusted from the Owner’s perspective and given the same abilities as the President.
    Limit: 1

  • Owner
    Develops and oversees group operations.
    Limit: 1

  • Holder
    Limit: 1

Code of Conduct


Staff Assistant Promotion Guide

In order to become a Staff Assistant at SAIKU, you must be recommended by an Assistant Manager+ for hard work and activity at the steakhouse. This process is not easy and will require hard work and dedication. You must meet the requirements below if you’re trying to receive Staff Assistant:

➜ Over the age of 13+
➜ Must work consistently for at least 7 consecutive days
➜ Productivity
➜ In the SAIKU Discord server

Our Assistant Managers+ will carry out multiple safechat checks to ensure that you’re eligible to receive a spot within our MR team. If you have safechat enabled, you will not be recommended for Staff Assistant.

Additionally, grammar is required for any Senior Staff who are trying for Staff Assistant. This lets our staff team know that you’re interested in receiving an invitation to our MR team. Grammar is not required if you’re not trying for Staff Assistant.

Alliance Guide

Alliance Information


  • Group must have an active Discord server.
  • Group must have 100+ members.
  • Group must be active, and consistently gaining new members.
  • Group must have 1-2 alliance representatives join our group and Discord server.
  • Group must remain professional within both groups at all times.


Please message any member of our Public Relations Department via Discord answering the following questions. Please ensure that you are not DMing an assistant, as they will not be able to assist you. Please refer to #contact for assistance.

  • Describe your community with a brief description, please provide social links & its community name.
  • How could your company benefit SAIKU?
  • Why would your company like to form an alliance with SAIKU?
  • Who are two representatives we will be communicating with and speaking to frequently?
  • What makes your company stand out from other companies?

We appreciate you taking the time to read our handbook on behalf of the presidential and executive team. I hope this handbook provides you with a better understanding of our establishment and expectations. If you have any questions about our handbook, please submit a ticket or DM a member of Operations Department.

SAIKU Presidential Team