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My name is Sainted and I am 20 years young. I have been on the platform from as early as 2007, although it wasn’t until 2008 where I made my first ROBLOX account. I have been developing ever since 2009, but have had on/off spells of activity until recent years developer-wise. A jack of all trades, I am able to execute any skillset in the development field, including Scripting, Building, UI Design and in more recent months, Modeling. Being a more visual person, these days I only partake in the latter three previous examples.


Personal Projects:

Ninja Heroes which is my most recent production.

Dungeon Simulator previously known as Adventure Simulator. A project that attracted many YouTubers such as RussoPlays, Gravycatman, Robzi, КУКИБОЙ, RazorFishGaming and many more!

Unnamed feel free to ask to see examples of this soon to be released interactive Mining game.

My Main Groups:

Game Workshops 39K+ Members
Epic Taco Games 29K+ Members
Sainted Games 4.5K+ Members

I will be adding screenshots of further work here soon.


Due to this unfortunate pandemic, just like many others I have a lot of hours to kill on both weekdays and weekends. Other than my full-time job, which is currently remote, I have no other means of social life or commitments due to government restrictions.


I have no specific pricing for any services, I take each project as it comes. Payment methods include Robux, PayPal, Cashapp, as well as any Cryptocurrency including Coinbase transfers.


Discord: Sainted#1337 (Best form of contact)

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