Saki/jidaraku | Art & Clothing maker [Commissions - CLOSED]

About Me

This portfolio is related towards my creations, you really don’t need to know much about me.


My group, Hikikomori, it is focused on publishing clothes made by myself for personal/commercial means, feel free to check it out.

Previous Work

In this section I will link every game/person I’ve worked for.


"Kokushibou - Kimetsu no Yaiba: Demon Slayer

I’ll post more of my work when I feel like it’s decent enough.


Price List

  • Headshot (Ideal for profile pictures!) = 12 USD/1,350 R$ via Group Funds
  • Bust-Up = 25 USD/2,500 R$ via Group Funds
  • Full-Body = 50 USD/5,000 R$ via Group Funds

All prices are negotiable, according to how complex your order is I will charge either a small amount of money or a fair amount, not above than 50$, so feel free to ask!


  1. First come, first serve.

  2. Progress is shown at my own pace, if you feel uncomfortable with anything, you are free to contact me and I will change it to your liking, even if the work’s already finished (This guarantee only stays valid for 5 days once I deliver you the final product, anything many days later must be justified)

  3. All payments are done upfront and proof is required, any pending USD will be either refunded or you’ll be forced to wait a few days until I start.


You can contact me on Discord with the user handle of McSorry#7714