Sakura Sword Fighting! - Trailer

Hey everyone, I’ve just completed the trailer for Sakura Sword-Fighting (SSF) and you can view it here:

Sorry if the quality is a bit low and shaky, I’ve never edited a trailer before and am currently trying to improve. Please give me as much feedback as you can because I would love to know what you guys and gals think!

Heres the game for reference:

NOTE: There has been much more content added to the game since I posted this trailer, and its official release has been planned for July. Feel free to check out the game! (Mar 14th, 2021)


Thats pretty good but about the game you should add a way to buy better weapons but that is great the graphics and building and the trailer isd really really impressive you deserve lots of visits thats great


The map looks really good! The only thing I think is missing are animations, I feel like the game needs animations for running, walking, jumping, and swinging your sword. Also maybe you should add a run keybind. Also, the Gui’s look pretty great! Overall awesome game :grin: :love_you_gesture:!

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Uhhh, I really liked the trees in the game so I made fanart :flushed:


That’s so cool! Thanks for taking the time to do that, it looks epic.

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Looks like an amazing game. Hopefully, it will blow up because most sword-fighting games are lame. You have put a lot of effort into that.

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