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Hey there! I am Sentro, a self-taught game developer on Roblox! I have been Roblox user since 2012. I am an ambitious developer with the goal of learning as much as I can. I am not just a Roblox developer, I also know a bit of Unreal Engine 4 and am learning Unity. I do commission based work, nothing long term.

Also, for this portfolio, for my own reasons, I am only showing Roblox related work.


If you want to hire me, I only ask a few things on my part to keep the experience smooth and satisfactory for both myself and my clients.

  • If I am too work with others, I ask for a respectful environment where a team can work with each other well.
  • When you hire me for something, tell me right away what you are hiring me for so that is what I may do. For example, I don’t want to be hired for building and then end up UI designing in the middle of the project. If I finish my previous task and you want to hire me again for something different, feel free!
  • A little patience. I personally am not a fan of giving half baked work, so sometimes somethings take time. Now, this isn’t an excuse for me to be lazy or anything, I understand this is a business and pressure is involved. I am just pointing out there is a balance to it all, and I’d enjoy working with someone who appreciates that balance.

Programs I use:
Blender 3D, Roblox Studio, Unity Engine, Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer.



Radial Menu

FPS System
This one is unfinished and basic. It is smoother then the video below shows. I’ll work on uploading a more high-quality video.


UI Designs

Many of my UI designs use a background image (ONLY FOR REFERENCE) which I probably do not own. This background is used only temporarily just so I can see how my UIs look with images rather than just seeing it on a checkered background. These backgrounds are not exported with my UI designs. I DO NOT OWN THESE BACKGROUND IMAGES.

**^ This one above is not my own design, it was based of a reference image. I was practicing :slight_smile: **

^ This one above is not my own design, it was based of a reference image. I was practicing.


3D Modeling

^ I didn’t make the human mesh, that was for reference. I modeled the armor.


JONRDemoAnimationTest01 - Copy.mp4 - Google Drive
(Took around 2 hours to make)
FinalEditURO.mp4 - Google Drive
(Took under a day’s time to create)
FinalEditSW.mp4 - Google Drive
(Took under a day’s time to create)

I require my clients to pay me half of the payment when half of the work is done and the rest when I finish.

Programming - Depends on the task, but for most decently advanced tasks, I have a base price of 10,000 robux.

Building - Depends on the task.

3D Modeling - Depends on the task. If you ask for small and simple models, the price could be around 5,000 robux. For larger or more complex models the price will be 10,000+ robux.

Time Zone: Central Time
Discord: APlayerAPlayer#4074


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