[SALE] HmmBilly || API Services [OPEN]

Hey there!

My name is JustBillyH (Known as Billy), I am a programmer and UI designer. I’m from the UK, I enjoy playing and creating games on this platform.

About my service

This past week, I have been working on many Projects, My current one is This API Services. Lets say you want a Reliable - Custom made App Center? Or a Rank Center? BUT You want to make the UI by yourself? Well this is for you! I provide you with a API to manage your group and Discord! While you can create your own UI’s / Scripts for the API Usage. Or you can use the Template!

Known Customers:
N/A – New Product.


1 Month : $3
3 Months : $6 (Buy 2 months get one month Free)
6 Months : $10 ($6 Discount)
12 Months : $15 ($17 Discount)

These Prices Include the Maintenance of the Bot (Hosted by me), The API to use in your game, And The Templates to use!

Contact & Information

For more information and how to purchase
Roblox - JustBillyH
Discord - BillyH#8708

Thank you for reading,

Other Services:

Worked with billy before on a different project. Services are great, and usually are stable.

Fairly minor detail that I noticed: buying two three months would be $3 less than buying a 6 month (unless I’m just going insane and this was how it’s meant to be).

Oops, must of not seen the mistake! Let me fix that up.