Same car or different cars

Hello. I want to know the people’s opinions on having a racing game where cars are all the same speed or different levels e.g. a smart vs a Roadster, should I make the cars the same or different? I’m leaning to different, so it doesn’t feel boring and so the players have things to work towards, moreover, it is good monetisation for in game currency and more value to it. On the other hand, I don’t want players struggling because someone else’s car is better or they have more robux.

I want to know:
Is there a compromise?
What can I provide to help new users who have to face players with like a Bugatti veyron?
Is it one or the other or can they coexist somehow?

Any additional info is much appreciated! :+1::grin:

Have a nice day!


Make it different, so the players want to work to get new cars. Also, make it so that people with the same type of car (car with around the same speed/horsepower) race together, so that beginners aren’t racing with complete sweats.


If you want to make different cars have different speeds, you’re going to need to balance it out somehow. For example, you have two cars - A and B - that are the same level of car (if your game has something like that), but B is faster. To make A able to compete with B, you’d need to buff it in other areas, such as acceleration, handling, traction, ect. (the number of stats and what they are will depend on how complex your vehicle system is).

Hope this helps!