Same texture looking different in different areas

I created a texture and added it to a part however, depending on the face of the part I look at the brightness changes and I’m not sure how to disable this. I added the Bloom and Color Correction post-processing effects to the game, I think that may have something to do with it.
As u can see the left side is a lot brighter than the right even though they are the same texture.


This’s due to world light. You can disable this only by changing basic textures to SurfaceGui, in which you should set LightinIfluence to 0. For texture, you should add ImageLabel in SurfaceGui, and then in Image properties, set ScaleType from Stretch to Tile.

I’m confused, how would I change a texture to surface gui, and what’s the difference between basic textures and textures, also I made a mistake in the title, I’m using a decal I’m not sure if that changes anything though.

The difference is only in the possibilities. For example:
Texture / decal:
You can change:

  • color.
  • tile size.
  • tile offset.
  • transparency.
    You can change:
  • color.
  • size.
  • covering bounds.
  • rotation.
  • transparency.
  • tile / image / 9-slice image types
  • brightness.
  • LightingInfluence (thing which can remove workspace lighting affect)
  • Also you can add text, gradient.
    Textures and Decals are simpler version of GUI. And sometimes only GUI can help you in some cases.