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:palm_tree: Welcome to Sandcastle Suites!

:grey_question: About Us:
Sandcastle Suites is a brand-new and upcoming hotel group on Roblox! Each and everyday, our staff strive to give you the best virtual hotel experience you could ever ask for. From the receptionists providing the best customer service to the baristas serving you yummy food and drinks to make your day that much better, we always put the customer first in anything we do!

:blue_book: This handbook will give you all the information you need on Sandcastle Suites, such as applying for a job, receiving promotions, rules you should follow and even FAQs from the community!

Sandcastle's Rules & Guidelines

:heavy_check_mark: At Sandcastle, we wish to provide the best experience possible to both customers and staff. In order to do this, we have a list of rules and guidelines one must follow within our social spaces to ensure our goal is met.

:palm_tree: Sandcastle’s Rules & Guidelines:

We keep our rules short and simple so it is easy to understand for everyone. While this is the case, please do not attempt to find loopholes. If what you’re about to do feels wrong, please do not do it.

You may find a more in-depth list of rules on our Discord server.

  • Do not ‘troll’. (ordering items that obviously wouldn’t be on the menu, insulting staff, disrupting lines or anything else that can be clearly identified as trolling.)

  • You may only order a maximum of 3 items at a time.

  • Exploiting, like many games on Roblox, is not allowed and severe consequences will be given to those who are found to be doing so.

  • Treat all players in the experience with respect.

  • Obey orders given to you by any member of staff, especially an MR+.

  • Wear an appropriate avatar. If a member of staff asks you to change your avatar, you are obliged to do so.

  • Follow all Roblox rules, obviously!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How do I work at Sandcastle?
A: It’s easy! All you have to go is join the Roblox group (found below), then fill out the application using our Application Centre.

Q: Can I become an MR/HR?
A: You cannot instantly become an MR or HR. You can, however, work your way there! We only wish to hire hard workers, and you can find more information on what we expect in our MR Promotion Guide.

Q: I’ve been banned and wish to appeal. Am I able to do this? If so, how?
A: Yes, you may appeal through opening a ticket on our Discord server. We plan on making an alternative way to appeal should you be banned on our server, however please note that this is not of high priority.

Q: Someone is breaking the rules and no staff is around to punish them! What do I do?
A: If someone is breaking the rules, you must report them through our Discord server, found below. The server has a ‘Ticket’ channel where you can submit player reports and more.

MR Promotion Guide

:palm_tree: To receive a promotion to/as a Sandcastle MR, you’ll need to have everything on this checklist:

· Active
· Hard-working
· Friendly
· Great general knowledge on Sandcastle
· Have no past moderation history. (Does not count if appealed)
· Attend many shift sessions.

If you pass all of these, then continue to do so! You will be noticed very soon!


:palm_tree: Here is a detailed list on every rank in the Sandcastle group, how to reach that rank and the powers you obtain when reaching that rank:

LRs (Low Ranks):

Obtain this rank by joining the group!

Valued Customer:
Noted customers who don’t work at Sandcastle. Obtain this rank by contributing to Sandcastle, being friends with HRs or by being an ex-MR/HR.

Allied Representatives:
Obtain this rank by being an MR/HR from an allied group.

Awaiting Training:
Obtain this rank by passing your application.

Junior Staff Member:
Obtain this rank by completing your first training. You can now work as a receptionist!

Staff Member:
Obtain this rank by completing 2 trainings. You can now work as a receptionist & housekeeping!

Senior Staff Member:
Obtain this rank by completing 3 trainings. You can now work as a receptionist, housekeeping & barista!

Head Staff Member:
Obtain this rank by being noticed from an MR/HR for possessing all traits listed in the MR Promotion Guide. When a spot is available, you will be able to become an MR!

MRs (Medium Ranks):
The way to obtain all roles from here forward is to use the MR Promotion Guide.

Staff Assistant:
Has access to security tools & commands, such as cuffing people and kicking! (Max 25)

Possesses the ability to able to promote/demote staff members, and read applications! (Max 15)

Management Team:
Possesses the ability to utilise the ‘ban’ command. (Max 10)

Administration Team:
Obtain this role by receiving HR recognition. This role is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to obtain! You will be promoted once a HR spot is open. (Max 5)

HRs (High Ranks):

These people help bring the hotel to life through building, scripting, UI design & more!

Chief Relations Officer (CRO):
This role is in charge of making allies & hosting allied events. (Vacant)

Chief Staff Officer (CSO):
This role is in charge of all staff in the hotel, and can make large changes to the hotel’s functionality player-wise. (Vacant)

Chief Operating Officer (COO):
This role is in charge of keeping the hotel alive and running well. (xbennies)

Chief Executive Officer (CEO):
This is the owner of the Hotel. (Enrizing)

:speech_balloon: Social Links:
Discord Server (Can be found in our group)
Roblox Group (Coming Soon)

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