Sandro [Freelance 3D Modeler]




Hello, my name is Sandro and I’m a…

  • Front End Developer
  • Roblox Builder/UI Designer
  • Freelance 3D Modeler

Currently based in UAE, Dubai.


  • Payment is 100% negotiable.
  • Rates for my work is “Per Model” depending on the category.
  • I’m currently accepting “Robux” but by any chance if that does change I will update my profile.
  • Seeking for long term employment or short term model work.
  • Rates are privately disclosed.



  • Discord: Sandro#9221

How to Hire Me

If you like my work and are interested in hiring me feel free to do the following:

Go to the Trello page here —>

If I’m currently doing 2 Commissions, there is a 100% chance of me declining your request. If I do accept your commission please send me the following:

  • Category of the model
  • Details about the model
  • Reference image


Wow your 3D models are very talented, if anyone needs a 3d modeler hire this man i saw his creations before. And everything you make is awesome.


i personally never worked with Sandro before, but as a builder i 100% recommend his work! :+1:


Your 3D models and GUI icons and menus are amazing man!


Thank, you!


I do not recommend… I was told 3-7 days for what I hired him for. On day 10 he has barely anything to show for it and then told me to find someone new. Don’t get me wrong he’s a nice guy but he should not take work if he is going to waste the time of others.


When we talk about modeling, I mostly expect some really detailed models. Since I am a huge fan of low poly, I can say I am really amazed by your work. Terrain, buildings, vehicles, guns… they are such in an awesomely shape. I really like your work. Keep modeling! :+1:


It seems as if @IXDark00LordXI pushed your request to the side after his availability no longer remained open or he lost interest in the payout you had originally offered him.

Here’s my advice to those that are paranoid:

  • Avoid offering a small payout, smaller amounts lead to a less productive worker.
  • If you can’t afford it, work on establishing a budget first before commissioning others.
  • Don’t pay up front unless you’re desperate. Once the payment is recieved they’re no longer obligated to do your request.
  • Attempt to not go over your budget unless you’re 100% confident that losing that money won’t impact you financially.
  • Communicate with them on a daily basis, at the very least once a day. Freelancers tend to be flooded with commission requests meaning if communication isn’t maintained it’s very likely they’ll forget about your request entirely.


His problem was he did not have time. Don’t make assumptions, I could have afforded whatever price he asked for.

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Hey EarthKingIV,
I know that you’re not happy with what happened but I’ve explained to you everything in which was going on and yes I actually did work on the map but I did that on another place since I don’t work on team creates.

I tried to make as much time as possible to work on your commission but at the end I saw that I really couldn’t so I politely apologized to you and said that it would be better for you to actually look for someone that isn’t as occupied as I am.

Here are the reasons why I really couldn’t work on your commission.

  • I had family over and they don’t speak english so everywhere they went I had to go for translation purposes, and I told you that. (I didn’t know they would be coming over until the day after you hired me)
  • I had another commission over this one but I worked on both of them equally.

Once again yes I might have made a mistake and I’ve learnt something about it because we’re not all perfect, I hope you understand. No hurt feelings.


There isn’t any, you’re a cool guy and I’m not mad. Just letting others know because you don’t have it in your post that you do not have time to develop.