Santa's Toyshop looking for a 3D Modeler!



Pixelized Games is looking for 3D Modelers!

About Us and the Game

Hey there! We’re Pixelized Games creating a Christmas-themed game for this upcoming holiday. Santa’s Toyshop is essentially a tycoon without the core mechanics of one. The way you can earn money is by going to the Toyshop on the hill and creating toys like chess sets, board games etc. You will paint, spray, manufacture and package these toys and send them to the retailer. With cash you can either upgrade your skills to increase work production and earnings, or you can buy a home and furniture, or even a vehicle to get around.

The Team
@OfficiallyPixel - Main Builder, Map Creator, Assets
@evanbear1 - SFX (Sounds, Music)
@NinjoOnline - Main Programmer
@FrogNinjaX - Side Programmer
@X622 - Graphic Artist
[VACANT] - 3D Modeler (Looking for new 3D Modeler)

About The Job

3D Modeler
You’ll be assigned to make toys and such. Toys are not as simple as they may seem. There is several different toys that you can make. Drums, games, teddy bears, balls etc.


We are paying game percentage for this project, or upfront pay. If you choose upfront it will be in R$ and can be chosen between us. We do have a lot of potential on this project as we have no competitors except for one game that will release days, days later than ours. We also have evanbear1 on our team that is willing to advertise us and make awesome music for the game. If you charge by your own way, we are willing to pay you but again, through our payouts.


Our anticipated deadline is December 10th and we do not have plans to extend it. We need developers that can do this work within the timeframe. Remember though, the closer our release date, and time frame, the closer to your pay :moneybag: visits, and much more!

Contact Us

You can contact me through the DevForum @Existencez or Discord: Exist#0261
Looking forward in working with you :slight_smile:


Hey there! I am currently project free. If you are looking for a part-time builder, please don’t hesitate to DM me. I’d be glad to help you out.


You 3D Model? We’re looking for people that can do swords.


If you mean blender, I can’t do that. I can make wooden swords in studio by brick.




I’ll make some right now, I’ll get back to you soon.


Is there a set list of items that need to be made?


Different sword toys.


Just swords?


Mhm. The other things that were needed are already done. Last thing(s) are the swords.


Here is the example. I can do a lot better, I sort of rushed it because I didn’t know how much of a hurry you were in for a 3D Modeler.

I will do a lot better if hired.

I might try and convert it to blender and make it a little better.


We are looking for people that can show their best work hired/not hired.


Understood. I am going to convert it to Blender and see how you like it.



We’ll pass.


This thread is hilarious. On a serious note, could we have more details on the job? How many swords? What level of detail? Do you have any example of what you want them to look like? Also, how much percent are you offering?


10-15% Depending on quality, and how fast you do your work.

Something like that but simpler, more low poly, fewer parts.