Santa's Toyshop looking for an Animator!

Pixelized Games is looking for Animators!

About Us and the Game

Hey there! We’re Pixelized Games creating a Christmas-themed game for this upcoming holiday. Santa’s Toyshop is essentially a tycoon without the core mechanics of one. The way you can earn money is by going to the Toyshop on the hill and creating toys like chess sets, board games etc. You will paint, spray, manufacture and package these toys and send them to the retailer. With cash you can either upgrade your skills to increase work production and earnings, or you can buy a home and furniture, or even a vehicle to get around.

The Team
@OfficiallyPixel - Main Builder, Map Creator, Assets
@NinjoOnline - Main Programmer
@FrogNinjaX - Side Programmer
@tallroblox1 - 3D Modeler
[VACANT] - Animator (Need one)
(We have some more but it passes the limit of only being able to mention 6 users.)

About The Job

It’s a simple job. We need a mob hitting, walking, and dying. We need animators that can do this quickly, this is an urgent request.


We are paying game percentage for this project, or upfront pay . If you choose upfront it will be in R$ and will be 5-15k depending on quality, and pace. We feel this game will do great. . If you charge by your own way, we are willing to pay you but again, through our payouts then you can exchange.


Our anticipated deadline is December 10th and we do not have plans to extend it. We need an animator that can do this work within the timeframe, quick. Remember though, the closer our release date, and time frame, the closer to your pay :moneybag: visits, and much more!

Contact Us

You can contact me through the DevForum @Existencez or Discord: Exist#0261
Looking forward in working with you :slight_smile:

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So, when you mean Mob Hitting, do you mean the Player will be hitting the Mob, or the Mob will be hitting the Player?


Hey there.

The mob will be hitting the player.


I may be interested. I have partially worked with Animation, but this seems like an easy task that can possibly be done by one of your Team Members. And I think the price is a little too high, I understand many experienced people will probably say DEAL asap, but maybe reduce the max robux a little bit for a task like this.
Tomorrow, I’ll make an example for you.

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Good to note, it’s been passed on about payment.

I can’t really get a “tomorrow” answer as we need this done as soon as possible.

:o I’m really interested, I was working on my sTopMotion animation of christmas for my Youtube channel (Coguh cough, Roquejo, Cough cough) and I know you mean “Frame edited” style (aka just using the plugin) I’m in! If you need to contact me, the only way is via discord, reply to this message to see if you are interested!

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Thanks for being interested

Exist#0261 is my discord, can’t wait to see your work.

I sended you the request!

Post updated on task.

Ah, I understand. I’m about to send you a Discord DM, and then I can show you the animation.

Also, will the Mob have any special package, and will it be R6 or R15?

R15. We’ll continue this conversation on discord :slight_smile:

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