Save as Local Plugin as a hotkey should work on currently open/focused script

As a developer it’s currently hard to save a plugin script.

When you use the Save As Local Plugin hotkey configured in File -> Advanced -> Customize shortcuts it doesn’t just work in the script editor. You have to select the script first in the explorer.

This happens only in Studio.


  1. Configure a hotkey (eg, Alt-Shift-1) for Save As Local Plugin
  2. Create a script in ServerStorage, eg test
  3. Select something other than the script in the Explorer (eg, edit a model)
  4. Add "print(“Hello”) to the script and execute the hotkey

Impact: This makes the change/debug cycle on plugins a bit painful as I use the plugins to modify/interact with other explorer content (such as models). I save the file dozens, if not hundreds of times per day. 90% of the time I’ve selected another asset while I’ve changed the script and I have to scroll down to the file in the explorer, right click. I can use the hotkey then, but it’s only of minimal value at that point.

As a developer working with studio, configuring hotkeys for all frequently repeated tasks is a must for velocity.

A hotkey that selects the script in the explorer would work here as well as hotkeys can be scripted by third party tools like autohotkey.

Btw, big thanks for the hotkey configuring. It’s such a fantastic feature.

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