Save team create scripts without closing them

As a developer, it is difficult to keep track of my scripts and do rapid playtesting when I need to close the script in order for the changes I’ve made to go into effect.

Every time I want to test a script or save changes, I need to close the script. This leads to a very painful development flow in which I need to close a script, test it, and then find it in the place explorer again before I can get back to work.

The ability to save and stop editing script a in team create without having to close it would save me much more time and allow me to work with my team faster and more efficiently.

Possible solution: a save script button, maybe by the hide UI and mobile emulator buttons. When you click it, you stop editing the current script and your changes are pushed to the team create.




I can’t tell you how many times team create doesn’t save/lock a script I’m working on. I play test and get the same results as last play test. This leads me to put more time into debugging something that just didn’t save and makes me double check if my script saved before testing.

I love the solution you proposed and hope it’s implemented!