Save the Date: RDC 2019


I hope to attend the London one. Depends if I get invited.


Is there any other source to find more information about this?


Singapore would probably be the perfect place for Asia and Oceania. Defiantly would go if there was one, as its much closer then America/Europe for me, but I’m still commuted to going to the US heh


Let’s try not to argue, but I remember Roblox planned on building HQs all around the world in places like China, United Kingdom, Etc…

If they build HQs in those places they would need people to run it so the employees could also help out at RDC EU.


But Roblox will be losing a lot of money… :thinking: Since they need to pay rent for their location(Offices). They also need to pay for the equipment they use in the offices and much more. You might think they just print money every day, though it’s not true. Roblox loses money and gains money every day(From Developers Exchange and people buying Robux), and being able to purchase more offices and hire staff is hard enough.

  • More Roblox Offices
  • No Need for More Offices

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I don’t want to watch it in a TV in London. I want to go to it. 5-6 hours on a plane is too much for an event. Bad decision.


18 hours for some of us.
But yes, it’s a very bad decision. There are many European developers out there that won’t go to RDC this year even though they planned to.


Depends on where you are in Canada, You could get to europe faster in the east coast than it takes to go to the states


I hope to get invited it looks like fun even if its the viewing party.


I look forward to watching the livestream!


I’m so excited for rdc 2019! Woooo!!


Hopefully RDC EU 2020 will happen


Imagine a RDC plane in the future.
I would totally fly in it.

  • People who will not be going to RDC
  • People who are broke to go RDC
  • People who are probably going to RDC

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Put your vote here, sorry roblox but I’m gonna have to say no.


I agree, it’s a beautiful country. Would be excited to go to “Singapore’s one”


const expensive = require(expensive.js)


lol roblox isnt making an eu office, they are a US based company and would have zero reason to have an eu office. It’d be cheaper to fly some employees to the EU to host a RDC EU than it would be to go through making an EU office.


I totally agree with that. Even though it would be nice to see a EU office.


While I don’t have a source, I do specifically remember the mention of an office outside the US many times at RDC EU last year. I strongly disagree with the “zero reasons”… Roblox is played by millions worldwide, and having a base in the EU or somewhere would have benefits as the company grows further.