"Save to Roblox" Creator option should default to place/universe owner

When saving an instance to the Roblox catalog, it would be a nice QOL change if the “Creator” option defaulted to the place/universe owner, or was displayed immediately below the “Me” option

For example, the screenshot below was taken from the upload interface where the Place owner is a group named “NRTHWST”, which happened to be the 2nd to last option on the entire list (lol?)

It would make more sense if the owner appeared higher or was defaulted to the 1st option in the list

vision for uploading assets

From what I noticed, options 1 & 2 are reserved for the player and their primary group, then the rest of the options appear to be sorted by join recency in ascending order, which makes zero sense in the context of asset uploading

Also, options cannot be “jumped” to, for example how typing a key on the Windows desktop will select the first item whose name begins with that key, which makes searching for the intended group even more annoying

Because there are few cases where cross-uploading is used, I propose these changes:

  • Option 1 is “Me” if Place owner is the uploading player
  • Option 1 is [Group] if Place owner is the group
  • Option 2 is either “Me” or [Group], depending on what Option 1 is
  • Option 3 + n are the remainder of possible options, sorted alphanumerically
    …which allows option “jumping” to be a more effective feature