Save tool position in the toolbar when died

I want to achieve when a player dies, his tool position is saved(people can change the order manually, I can’t figure out how, only the default position)

I want also to order it the same as before they died(including tools that changed order).

I searched on the forum for a long time and found a interesting one but it doesn’t print the order when a player moved tools.

Does anyone know where the tool order is stated(including moved tools)? Any help is appreciated.

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Still a topic I’d like help on as well. If anyone could bring forward any knowledge it would be useful.

Hello there, sorry for my late reply. I have fixed this by designing a UI where they put their tool order. When they die, their tools aren’t lost in the game so that is no issue. When adding the tools to their inventory, I add them in the correct order so they always get the same order and same tools :wink: