Save value on proximity prompt triggered

Hello developers,

I’m trying to make it so whenever a player triggers a proximity prompt adds 5 to a value. How could i also make it so it saves whenever someone triggers it?

Thanks alot!

What do you mean by:

Like the prompt disappear or can’t be pressed again or like a server message pop’s up?
Can you be more specific about this part.

So whenever someone triggers the proximity prompt it adds 5 to a value AND saves the new value

Hmm about the saving part, you don’t really need to save every prompt with datastore.

And for the the prompt to add 5 to the value you would need to use a server script if it’s visible to every player, if its only for certain players then you have to use remote event. Here’s more information about proximity prompt.

To save the value you would need to use datastore to set the data and to get the data when ever a player leave’s/join. Here’s more information about datastore.