Saved script editor settings?



Username: MetaProx
As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to keep having to change script editor settings every time an update comes along.

This really isn’t a big thing or absolutely something that needs to be done, but it’d personally be nice if I didn’t have to switch from courier new to consolas with each update. It’d be nice if the settings for the script editor could be saved or something. I cannot stress enough about how little of an annoyance this is but I do think this minor thing would be nice to see.

If you do decide it is worth a change then thanks, if not then oh well; I completely understand why this sort of thing happens.


That’s odd because ive never had this issue. Script font and colors don’t get reset for me at all, no matter how many times my studio updates, for example.


Strange, it seems to completely reset my settings with each update, I’m not quite sure why.


Can you say what os you’re running (and other relevant info)? I’ve never encountered this issue


I’ve also never encountered this issue (Windows 10).


Windows 10 Home edition. Not sure why but it just dumps all of my settings with each update.


This sounds like a bug. Try to compile as much information about your setup (operating system, operating system version, studio installed as administrator or user, ect.) and file a bug report. The more information you can provide, the better. Also, I would recommend uninstalling and reinstalling to see if that fixes the issue. Something could just be off from the first installation.