Saving Character Data

Hello, I am new to scripting and I’m learning everyday. I have a question about DataStore. I know how to script for IntValue , currency and leaderstats but I don’t know how to save data for character.

I am making an avatar editor. What I’ve done is boydcolor gui where player can change their body color. That went well but I don’t know how to save it in datastore.

Can anyone help for my issue please?

If you’re trying to save BodyColor data in a DataStore you can save each RGB value in a table. So {R,G,B}. Now you could also save each individual RGB value as its own separate integer but I wouldn’t recommend it, but it’s to get started.

How do you save RGB values, cause it may be helpful for me in the furture.

just like any other value: e.g.

(unless theres some sort of strange caveat)

local datatosave = {
    ["MyColor"] = Color3.fromRGB(1, 55, 9);

DS:SetAsync(plr.UserId, datatosave)