Saving non-player related data with DataStore2

How would one go about saving non player related data, like a table of admins, with DataStore2? I don’t think I would be able to tie it to the creator of the game, because obviously, I won’t be able to reference them when they leave the game using


So how would I do this?

You can store the table with JSON [HTTPService:JSONEncode()]. For the name of it just use something like “Admins”, to decode the JSON into a table do HTTPService:JSONDecode(). Is this what you’re asking?

The whole point of DataStore2 is to make player data easier to manage. Unfortunately, without creating your own fork of it, there’s no way to save data out of context of players. You’ll have to resort to traditional DataStore methods.

Although you should check out @Crazyman32’s AeroGameFramework. The DataStore API provided in his framework is similar to DataStore2’s, and allows for server DataStores, as well as players.

Additionally, you can reference Player DataStores by UserId using his framework, so you can retrieve data for a Player, even if they’re offline.


Hm. Thank you for the suggestion. I’ll definitely check it out!