Saving values inside a tool

So I have a fully working without any problems a tool save the problem is tho i have a numbervalues in each tool that i need to save since its the one holding how many tools of that tool u have

The issue is basicly just that i am not sure on how i would add this to the datastore i am not asking for a full script or anything like that just what i need to do.

Solution i have tried is to save it to a table and get the tonumber from it it prints and stuff but the problem i had that was that it will just randommize the numbers on each tool even if i get the name

The lua code i have so far

local DataStoreService = game:GetService("DataStoreService")
local toolsDS = DataStoreService:GetDataStore("PlayerBackpackSave")

local toolsFolder = game.ServerStorage.Tools


	local ToolsSaved = toolsDS:GetAsync(Player.UserId .. "-Tools") or {}

	for i, toolSaved in pairs(ToolsSaved) do

		if toolsFolder:FindFirstChild(toolSaved) then 

			local Clone1 = toolsFolder[toolSaved]:Clone()
			local Clone2 = toolsFolder[toolSaved]:Clone()
			Clone1.Parent = Player.Backpack
			Clone2.Parent = Player.StarterGear




	local ToolsOwned = {}

	for i, ToolsInBackpack in pairs(Player.Backpack:GetChildren()) do

		table.insert(ToolsOwned, ToolsInBackpack.Name)

	local Success, Errormsg = pcall(function()

		toolsDS:SetAsync(Player.UserId .. "-Tools", ToolsOwned)
	if Errormsg then warn(Errormsg) end
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Do a Player.CharacterAdded event as that fires when the player spawns

yes ik but the problem is how i save a number value inside each tool that is the number of the tools of that sort u have

When you respawn the value gets reset