Savior vs Destructor Devlog: Pregame and weapons

I’m currently working on a really cool game where you can be a Guardian and protect the world, or be a Nightmare and destroy everything. I’m working on a lot and everything is going along smoothly.

About what the Game will be

In the game, you and a group of players teleport to a private place (just like TDS) and you can heal or destroy structures, depending on the role you play as, and you will be able to equip different weapons for each role in the hub, which are used to kill the enemy role and restore or destroy structures.

What’s good is that if there are no players assigned to one of the roles, the gamemode will become target score mode, you have to get a percent of structure score to be in your role’s favor, such as 50% or 75%, depending on how many players are in the role. To win a round on normal mode, you have to get the majority of structure score in your roles favor, the difference between this and target score mode is that the enemy role will have players and it’s 50% no matter what. You also get more exp in this mode.

Also, this is the last thing I’ll ramble about, structure score is how much health a structure has that’s in your favor. For example, if a structure is destroyed, and is at 0, health, that structure’s max health will be added to the structure score for the nightmare role, and healthy structures with half of their max health will have half of their max health added to the guardian role.

If you’d like to know all the details, see this post.

Right now, I only have the pregame and some weapons set up. I also have the structure system and player models made, but there’s still a lot I have to do.

Info for the game right now

There’s a role selection menu. You can select your role for the round here and here only. I will add cool images for the selection buttons later. Right now, they’re just one solid color.

There are four weapons to use.

  • Guardian Sword: Swing this sword at structures to heal them, and kill the nightmares.

  • Nightmare Sword: Same as guardian sword, but damages structures.

  • Guardian Spear: Same as guardian sword, but has a longer reach. Heals structures more but damages nightmares less.

  • Guardian Shield: While held up, the damage you take from nightmares is reduced. You can parry with the shield and hurt nightmares, which is why this is useful. Just be careful, if it’s held for too long, it will lose it’s defense power and will have to take some time to regenerate.

Both roles have these weapons, but this will change in the future, obviously. The weapon names may also change.

Here’s a little video showcasing what I have so far.

This video only shows what you can do alone. I made things that involve interacting with another role, such as damaging enemies and low health effects and health regeneration. I will add an overhead gui for teammates later.

If you’d like to see the game for yourself at it’s current state, here you are. Just know that somethings may change overtime as I develop more.

If you are going to give it a go, please give some feedback and report any bugs you find, thanks!


About to test looks really good! Nice job on the scripting. Edit: Cannot test I need 4 people :frowning: Never mind I see

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Never mind! Keep making the same